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Welcome to Amherst Soaps! We are a boutique soap studio that started in 2018 in Amherst, MA that makes indulgent bath and body products using as many local ingredients as possible. We measure success in satisfied customers, money recirculated in our communities through our supply chain, and plastic waste avoided through the use of our products!

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I love this soap. My skin looks even-toned and I am hydrated literally all day long.

- Matt

My boyfriend and I are Amherst Soaps converts! They are super gentle and moisturizing, without being oily, and they smell amazing! Unlike other natural soaps I have tried, these have an amazing lather and last for a long time in the shower!

- Gwen

I have had a few really stressful weeks at work and at home. My order from Amherst Soaps was waiting for me when I got home tonight. The soaps smell absolutely fantastic and are unbelievably beautiful. The aromas are having a calming relaxing effect on me right now. The visuals are imparting peaceful images. I can't wait to try each one in the shower. It will be hard to prioritize use. Your soaps are providing a comforting boost when really needed. Keep up the good work. Thanks too for the samples!

- Maria

It's such great soap and I cannot wait to buy them as gifts. The scents are mild but present and the soap is gentle but gets the job done. Just wanted to thank you guys :)

- Chris

Handmade Soaps

Gentle Clean

Sudsing up and gently wahsing hands using moisturizing goat milk soap.
A sampling of natural, local ingredients on a wood board with our back to basics lard and olive oil soap bar

Local Ingredients

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