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Natural Ingredients, Locally Sourced

It is Important to us at Amherst Soaps that we incorporate as many local, sustainably grown and raised ingredients as available in our soap. This connects us to the land, animals, plants, and people of the Pioneer Valley. It also maximizes the positive economic and social impact of our business, as social networks are built and dollars are recirculated within the local community. We are proud to support our local partners, and we hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we enjoy working with them!

Meet Our Suppliers


Everyday Farm (Gill, MA)

Everyday Farm was started by Hannah and Joseph in 2018 on family land that has been farmed for generations. A diversified and organic operation, Everyday Farm has made it their mission to supply healthy and nutritious vegetables and meat to the surrounding communities. Amherst Soaps purchases high quality lard from their pasture raised, heritage breed pigs for use in a number of our soaps!

Item Supplied: Fatback and Leaf Lard

Everyday Farm
One of the goats that provides the milk used in our gentle and moisturizing goat milk soaps.

Thomas Farm & Dairy (Sunderland, MA)

Laurie Cuevas and Jim Thomas run the show at local goat and cow dairy Thomas Farm. With their herd of Nubian goats, they produce some of the highest-quality goat milk in town, much of which is made into their award-winning soft goat cheese.

Item Supplied: Goat Milk

Thomas Farm & Dairy
Timerhaven Farm

Timberhaven Farm (Warwick, MA)

Timberhaven Farm is dedicated to preserving the genetics of the American Guinea Hog, a rare breed of swine that is considered threatened by The Livestock Conservancy. In addition to breeding and raising hogs, Timberhaven raises pasteurized poultry and heritage breed laying hens.

Item Supplied: Fatback and Leaf Lard

Manning Hill
A jug of local milk used in many moisturizing soaps, pictured in front of Jersey cows.

Mapleline Farm (Hadley, MA)

Established in 1904, Mapleline Farm located in Hadley, Mass is operated by the family's fifth generation. A herd of registered Jersey cows produce a premium milk, that has 15-18% more calcium and 15-20% more protein than milk produced by other breeds. It's higher content of butterfat also contributes to it's rich and creamy taste! Besides Jersey's having the lowest carbon footprint of the cattle breeds, Mapleline Farm prioritizes sustainability and implements farming practices to conserve the natural landscape. The farm raises it's feed on agriculture and conservation-protected land, is solar-powered, and has an extensive waste water program.

Item Supplied: Cream, Milk

Mapleline Farm
Manning Hill Farm.jpg

Manning Hill Farm

Manning Hill Farm is a 300 acre diversified, sustainable dairy farm located at the end of a scenic dirt road in the Southwest corner of New Hampshire with beautiful views of the Connecticut River Valley. A first generation farm, they are dedicated to local agriculture and sustainable farming.

Item Supplied: Fatback and Leaf Lard

Farmers holding the organic, local ginger used in our handmade soaps.

Old Friends Farm (Amherst, MA)

Old Friends Farm grows 28 acres of Certified Organic Salads, Vegetables, and Flowers for retail and wholesale. Old Friends is widely known for pioneering Northeast-grown Ginger and Turmeric, and for the Specialty Products they make with these powerful roots. They grow what they love, and love what they grow. Old Friends Farm is committed to a healthy workplace, environment, and community, and their products are infused with that attention. You’ll taste the difference!

Item Supplied: Ginger

Old Friends Farm

Golden Rule Honey (Leominster, MA)

Founded in 2008, Laurie Herboldsheimer brings you the highest quality most delicious honeys available from a a variety of geographic locations. All of there honey is produced from bees that are kept without the use of any chemical treatments or antibiotics and minimal use of artificial feeds. (Photo by Dean Stiglitz, co-founder of Golden Rule Honey)

Item Supplied: Honey

Golden Rule Honey

Dean's Bean's Organic Coffee Company (Orange, MA)

Started in 1993, Dean's Beans set out to prove that a for-profit business could create meaningful change through ethical business practices rooted in respect for the earth, the farmer, our co-workers and the consumer. They brew fantastic coffee while creating change through the long term relationships they make with farmers, promoting shade-grown and bird friendly coffee farming, direct farm-to-roaster trading, their solar-powered roasting facility, supporting people centered development programs, and their commitment to certified organic coffee production.

Item Supplied: Coffee, Coffee Grounds

Dean's Bean's Organc Coffee Company
Baraka Impact Logo.jpg

Baraka Impact (Ghana)

While not from New England, Baraka Impact is a very special supplier. Baraka sources their butters and oils from the women of Northern Ghana, who have been hand processing shea butter for generations. Each purchase supports these women, their communities, and the sustainable land management they practice.

Item Supplied: Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter

Baraka Impact
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